I guess I learned the hard way

i guess i learned the hard way
that loving oneSelf isn’t about what the mirror reflects

four letters
a word i don’t even understand
forming a purpose of everything to live for

if it isn’t about loving another dearly
then perhaps i will find the meaning on the horizon of a distant future
a goal which i’m working for, every day
a memory i’m yet to make
a friend i lost touch with
a longing for thigs long gone or yet to happen

four letters
and all i know is
we all die for them
in some way or another

but i don’t wanna dienstagfor a thing i don’t even understand
a concept no one can explain
an idea we got planted inside our minds
a lie we keep telling ourselves

“to love someone is to put someone’s needs above your own“
might be the biggest misconception i learned at a a young age
leaving me waiting for someone, anyone
who would find their purpose in my arms
and not within theirSelf

i guess i learned the heard way
that love is not a thing i gift to others
but an extention of the sympathy and care
i have for mySelf

~ Jako Elia Daraen Spretz [Instagram] (Text für den Arospec-Week Poetry Slam 2023 zum Thema Aromantik trifft Romantik)